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A medieval pearl of great and ancient splendor


An ancient territory full of small towns, characterised by a fascinating history, a fertile countryside and lush nature. A place that kept the memory of what it was, but that also modified itself, adapting to any change without losing its strong identity.

When in Montagnana, you will notice that time stands still: walking along its walls will make you feel like going back to the Middle Ages. Plus, nothing of the Venetian nobility’s splendour has been lost, enriching the town with magnificent palaces.

This is the true heart of Montagnana, a lovingly preserved place, rich in culture and history, where you can enjoy traditional dishes in locations that have preserved their most authentic soul.


Far from the chaos of the big cities, life in Montagnana unfolds quietly. Yet at the same time, cultural initiatives and events are not lacking. Among the main occurrences meant to celebrate traditions, which are therefore the most beloved by citizens and visitors, the Festa del Prosciutto Veneto DOP, the Palio dei 10 Comuni and the Montagnanese in Fiera are to be mentioned, as well as the nearby Carnevale del Veneto: appointments not to be missed to experience the most authentic spirit of the area.

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